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Coronavirus Latest Update - June 18 2020

Weekly Update – June 18, 2020

We are cautiously optimistic for the post-COVID19 recovery process that will enable people to resume international travel – albeit with some constraint and a great deal of care.   Wearing face masks on public transport, including aircraft, will be the new norm that we will need to get used to for the time being. We continue to closely monitor the situation with the health and safety of our customers being our number one priority.

As travel cancellations continue, we will contact customers in departure date order to advise them of their options.  We ask our customers to be patient whilst we undertake this process as suppliers are only confirming cancellations 7-14 days prior to departure date. This is to best organise the formidable administration process of dealing with millions of cancelled future travel arrangements.

As it would not be prudent to update our booking records until we have 100% confirmation from suppliers, we are unable to provide you with final options until all elements have been cancelled.  Where we are aware of cancellations to services outside of seven days of departure, we will, of course, contact all impacted customers to advise.

Therefore, if you have a booking that is due to travel outside of seven days from now and haven’t yet been contacted by one of our team, it will be because we do not have final status.  Please bear with us whilst we carry out this process so that when we do contact you, we will have accurate information.

We understand the process of waiting is very frustrating, but we continue to ask for your understanding and support at this time.  There has been a worldwide impact on all travel companies of which we are a single element, and we hope you understand our limitations within the greater arena.  However, our focus remains on our own, valued customers, and we act in your best interests at all times.

If you are due to travel after 30th June 2020, your booking is currently unaffected.  Whilst we do expect this to change in due course, you will see that the airlines are managing future bookings in strict order.  If this were not the case, the whole system would collapse under the volumes concerned: there are millions of flights that have been or will be affected over the recent past and future weeks.  Please be assured that you will receive a call from one of our team in due course (if not already) to discuss your booking, regardless of whether you r vacation date is currently affected.

Due to the unusual present circumstances, we are operating under some unavoidable constraints which may cause delays in phone contact. We do understand that our customers want to discuss their vacation and have many questions, but we ask for your patience and understanding at this time:  we will be in touch as soon as possible.   Your booking remains safe with us and we will continue to keep in regular touch via email and website updates.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have dealt with over 7,500 customers and we shall continue to ensure that our customers’ interests are protected.

Regular Updates:

Jetline employees are now working from home.

Following government advice, Jetline will start to repopulate our office from next week, with caution and social distancing being top priority.

Trips suspended through to June 30 2020

Trips have been suspended for departures through to June 30 2020 and we will be in contact with you in due course to discuss these.  Airlines have waived some fees, but not necessarily cancellation fees.  However, they are offering credit notes to be used for future travel. You have the flexibility to apply these funds towards new travel services.  We will ensure, on your behalf, that you have the best options and outcome for your booking with us.

For travel from July 01 2020

For trips travelling July 01 2020 onwards, you will have the flexibility to change dates although a fee may be applied.  If you wish to amend your travel dates
please email jvadmin@jetlinetravel.com and an agent will contact you as soon as possible.

The airlines’ rules will apply to all airfares and your agent can provide details.

If you wish to cancel a booking from July 01 2020 onwards, then cancellation terms and conditions will apply.

Balance Payments

If you have future travel and your balance is due for payment, we will contact you in good time.  It is important that you pay your balance for any future travel that has not been cancelled by the supplier/s, or you could lose the deposit that you have already paid. If the current travel bans prevail and your trip is cancelled at a later date, all payments are fully protected.   If you have a query regarding your balance payment, please contact accounts@jetlinetravel.com

*Rebooking Terms

There will be a specified time limit to reserve new services, and your agent can advise as this is dependent on when the original airline tickets were purchased.

Credit may be applied towards one or more new bookings.

Unused credit has no cash value and is non-transferable to other travellers.

If keeping the value of your air ticket for a later date, it is your responsibility to advise us when you are ready to book alternative flights, subject to availability at the time of rebooking.

For information about the Coronavirus, including tips on prevention, please visit  U.S. Center for Disease Control's Website.

Please note, Trip Protection Plan policies typically do not consider an event of this nature as a covered event. However, you may wish to contact your insurance carrier to verify coverage details.

We wish you all the best and good health at this time.  We remain here and at your service.


The Jetline Team